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Welcoming SereniTEA

Posted on February 18, 2016 by Ernest Tong

Coffex Coffee Roasters now proudly offering SereniTEA

Coffex has continuously strived to source premium products for our customers. Over the years, we have built our reputation bringing many delightful flavours to our customer’s taste buds. Now we are happy to announce that we are now continuing this via our range of delicious Fairtrade organic teas under the SereniTEA label.

Introducing SereniTEA:-

SereniTEA Infusions are a range of premium Organic and Fairtrade certified teas sourced from two of the best tea growing regions, Assam and Darjeeling in India.

Born out of the desire of two young people wanting to launch a product that would promote peace and health both in the way it was sold and inherently in the product itself.

Their mission of helping underdeveloped communities, using Fairtrade certified practices as well as sustainable environmental farming practices fits perfectly with Coffex Coffee Roasters current coffee products under their Global Café Direct label.

In 2005, we launched our Global Cafe Direct brand, a 100% Fairtrade and Organic coffee which aims to improve trade conditions and provide a better quality of life for farmers and producers in producing nations.


SereniTEA Range

Chamomile Herbal

Darjeeling Green

Earl Grey

English Breakfast

Lemongrass and Ginger

Peppermint Herbal

Spiced Chai



A little bit more about SereniTEA's certifications :-

About Organic Tea

Most tea leaves go unwashed when they are harvested, dried and processed, and contain chemical residue and pesticides used on the plants. With an organic process, the tea is grown free of chemicals, antibiotics, synthetic hormones or genetic modifications. It is minimally processed without artificial ingredients, preservatives, or irradiation in order to maintain the integrity of the food, preserve ecological harmony and promote biodiversity. Hence it is healthy for you as well as for the environment!¹

All of SereniTEA organic teas are sourced from producers that adhere to an organic method of cultivation that is certified by the IMO Institute for Marketecology. This IMO certification has approval in over 90 countries, including European, American and Japanese standards.¹

Fairtrade Certified

Fairtrade is an organised social movement and market-based approach that aims to help producers in developing countries and promote sustainability. SereniTEA's tea producers workforce is given statutory benefits such as free housing, rationed food, medical services and maternity benefits. In addition the tea gardens, they have schools for workers’ children and places of worship for various religious communities. By giving many families the security of a regular income, our tea producers have helped raise the socio-economic standards of the local population.¹


Here at Coffex Coffee Roasters, we offer products that are synonymous to our aim, which is to provide the best quality products to our consumers. We hope all of you would enjoy SereniTEA as much as we do here at Coffex Coffee Roasters.




The range of SereniTEA teas that are now availble are here:-



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