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Merry Christmas! It is indeed the season to be jolly!

Posted on February 18, 2016 by Ernest Tong

Christmas is indeed the reason to be jolly!

Season greetings to all of you! We would like to thank all our loyal customers who showed us tremendous support and loyalty throughout this year.

It has definitely been a whirlwind year for us here at Coffex Coffee Roasters. Let’s have great recap of what the year has been for us.

  • Sustainability Launch

At the start of the year, Coffex Coffee roasters proudly supported and participated in our 5th Sustainable Living Festival. Held annually in Birrarung Marr by the Yarra, this event celebrates and promotes Sustainable Living to Australians

During the very start of the event, Coffex Coffee Roasters launched its brand new website on Valentines Day 2014. It was with great satisfaction that we achieved this milestone after having worked on it for around 6 months. has been reincarnated to what you see today as our main portal into our world of coffee. Check our new online store and sign up to our e-Newsletter for great deals on all your coffee and tea.


  • Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix 2014

Coffex Coffee Roasters were back again and proudly sponsoring our 3rd Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix in a row. The race-goers were streaming in and the cars were furious on track, but Coffex Coffee remained calm and served up caffeine all the way to pole position.


  • And then, there were MICE.

After our successful show at last year’s MICE, where we had showcased our initial stages of Coffex Coffee’s re-branding, we arrived at this year’s MICE with an amazing transformation. Coffex Coffee Roasters was revealed and our slick new branding rolled into MICE.

We received much praise for our new branding and packaging. Industry friends and show attendees were very supportive and showed us a lot of love during the MICE.


During the exhibition, a specially selected single origin coffee from Tony Strickett, our R&D Manager, was roasted and served up to show attendees. Coffex Coffee’s first Panama Geisha from the Auromar Estate. It was a treat!


On the technology front, after securing distribution rights with Curtis, Coffex Coffee Roasters showcased the Curtis Gold Cup brewer, a 1-touch fully automatic and programmable specialty coffee brewer.


  • Sydney experiencing The Coffee Experience

Sydney hosted its first inaugural coffee exhibition show in the form of The Coffee Experience. Launched and hosted by the same people behind MICE, we treated our Sydney crowd of fans to some amazing coffee and technology.


A brilliant roast of Kenya Mugaya AA and Rwanda Mbilima were on show at the stand as well as the Curtis Gold Cup brewer.


Tony our head of R&D also gave a ‘Technology Presentation’ at the show, highlighting the benefits and ease of use of the Gold Cup brewer.


  • MotoGP beckons in Phillip Island

As synonymous as we are with motor sports, Coffex Coffee Roasters proudly sponsored its 4th Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix in its home of Phillip Island.


Coffex Coffee’s flagship Superbar made its presence known by being the official coffee for this event.

As we approach Christmas, a reflection of what we’ve done throughout the year certainly shows that we have not been idle in this ever growing and evolving industry. Coffex Coffee Roasters will continue to push the boundaries of innovation and perfect our art of roasting the perfect bean better.


Here’s to you, our loyal and supportive customers - Merry Christmas, Season Greetings and a Happy New year!


PS: Here's a special for Christmas!

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Coffex Coffee Roasters at the Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix 2014

Posted on February 18, 2016 by Ernest Tong

For the fourth year in a row, Coffex Coffee Roasters are proud to continue their association with the Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix as one of the key sponsors and official Coffee Supplier of this world-class event.

2014 marks a new beginning for Australia as a new Aussie motorcycling star, Jack Miller, is promoted to the MotoGP. Australians will have the opportunity to see this young gun rider race in the Moto3 class on Phillip Island before he gets his big start next year in the MotoGP class.

The roar of the crowd is unmistakable as the elite motorcycle riders speed around the track at over 300 kilometres per hour. The fresh breeze and the crashing waves nearby add a serene element to the frenetic pace as Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix gears back up on Phillip Island.

Every year, this beautiful Victorian island receives the holy pageantry of hosting this prestigious event. It is defined by the migrating flocks of devotees that eat, breathe and sweat Motor Racing in their veins. The scene of tens of thousands of fans gathering around the racing track has to be experienced first hand if you are a true racing fan.

Set in at one of the world’s most famous racetracks, coupled with the one of the world’s most scenic island settings, all who attend are bound for a treat.

All stores offering coffee will be stocked up with the freshest beans from Coffex Coffee and our flagship Superbar blend will be the blend of choice.

So come on down to the Island and enjoy watching some of the most amazing motorcycle riders out there carve the corners of Phillip Island Race Course all while sipping on a delicious cup of Coffex Coffee.

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