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KeepCup Brew Now Available In Store

Posted on February 18, 2016 by Ernest Tong

Spring is here and colours are in abundance!

With the new spring season gracing us with beautiful sunshine and the blooming of some auspices flowers, we've headed over to our friends at KeepCup to pick out some sweet nifty colours for you!
This year we will be offering a limited range from KeepCup's Alchemy Brew Range.

Here's a little back story on the KeepCup Brew range from KeepCup:-
"KeepCup Brew and KeepCup Brew Limited Edition Cork are a design response to the premium specialty coffee consumer. Brew is an extension to its commuter range, a “to go” vessel that represents the highest aspirations for the liquid it contains. KeepCup Brew allows consumers to take the café experience with them. A vessel for people who are serious about their coffee ritual, as well as lovers of fine tea."

We could not have possibly said it any better.

Some neat little features which the KeepCup brew is spotting:-

• Fully tempered soda lime glass.

• Resistant to thermal and mechanical shock. It’s not unbreakable, but you’ll have fun trying.

• Hard lid for ease of use and drinking pleasure.

• The hard smooth surface of the lid and enlarged drinking hole allow you to fully experience the aroma and texture of your beverage. Greater angle in the lid for nose clearance and improved splash proof seal.

• Same great recycling capacity as the original. Stays focused on use and reuse.

• Plug covers mouthpiece when not in use, so only your lips touch the drinking surface.

As with every product, the story of KeepCup is definitely a simple yet well thought out idea which began with answering a need in the cafe industry. As KeepCup puts it "there were too many disposable cups and existing reusables were too large to fit under the machines group heads or were at best utilitarian in appearance."

According to Abigail Forsythe - KeepCup CEO, "Since 2009, we have bought 3.5 million KeepCups, diverting 3.5 billion disposable cups from landfill."
That itself is an amazing feet towards a more sustainable future in this world we live in. KeepCup provides some awesome facts on their site here and they provide an Impact calculator.

Here at Coffex Coffee Roasters, we are proud supporters of sustainability and offering KeepCups as part of our product offering fits perfectly inline with our current sustainable coffee initiatives.

Global Cafe Direct - our 100% Fairtrade and Organic coffee, is our commitment to help promote sustainability and eco-friendliness to consumers in Australia. Our aim is to offer consumers a choice in their coffee, whereby purchasing our coffee (Fairtrade and Organic certified) could possibly help change the lives of farmers world wide and not to mention help educate them in more sustainable farming practice.

Click here to check them out in-store.

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