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The Grimac Mia

The Grimac Mia provides the ideal espresso coffee pod solution for the home, work place or business. It offers the best in pod technology (Easy Serve Pod/E.S.E). It is also able to cater for a business of up to 50 employees. The Grimac Mia provides fine coffees without the need for an experienced barista.


. The Mia is very in maintenance.
. Easy to use espresso pod machine.
. Coffee is always consistent with our pefectly dosed E.S.E pods.
. E.S.E Pod coffees are kept fresh as they are individually wrapped.
. Machine is fitted with auto-froth function
. The Mia has a water tank and does not require plumbing.


. H: 470mm W:290mm D:450mm
. Weight 26kg
. Power 10amps
. Tanked (5 litres)
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For a perfectly consistent cuppa every time. Low maintenance and easy to use.

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Grimac Mia


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