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The Bianchi Lei SA

Performance with an efficient coffee service. This machine is a brilliant work horse.

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. Great flexibility of configuration and a wide choice of versions with water system supply or with autonomous tank.
. Mixers and boiler assembly are extractable to make maintenance operations easier.
. Standard boiler for Espresso: 1500 W – 150 cc. Double boiler available by adding a boiler 700 W – 180 cc. for higher performances (long drinks).
. Boiler for instant: 2000 W - 3,6 litres.
. Liquid waste tray: 1.9 litres with visible signal for maximum water level.
. Coffee waste tray: 60 pods with counter software management.
. Autonomous tank: 3.6 litres of water available placed behind the
product canisters and possibility to fill with door closed.

User Interface

. Tactile selection panel (Soft Touch Technology ) with 12 push buttons that can be con figured both as selections or pre-selections.
. Showcase for introduction of fresh co ffee beans or for branding .
. End selection acoustic signal.
. 32 digit alphanumeric display .
. 170 mm high delivery area suita ble for mug or jug and foldaway espresso cup support.

Performances for an efficient coffee service.

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Bianchi Lei SA

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