The Espro Press

We all remember the time when we first saw our very first French Press coffee maker. The thrill of its easy operation and the guaranteed perfect coffee – ironically, it was always guaranteed by every manufacturer – will always be etched in our minds. As this was, some would say, the ‘best’ way to make coffee at home bar the espresso machine, which would have cost you a bomb.

As romantic as the French Press appears, we all know that even the best French Press coffee comes with a certain amount of grit and residue, adding a mostly unpleasant and unwelcome addition to your coffee. The traditional French Press always has the issue of not having a properly fitted filter, which sooner or later allows coffee particles to pass through filter and straight into your cup of coffee. In turn, frustrated owners have often ended up pushing it aside to make way for other devices, which promise an untainted coffee experience.

Now you can get the best of both worlds – simple elegant operation AND no residue! Introducing the Espro Press. Now ladies and gentlemen, here’s the latest in French Press design.

As said quite eloquently by Bruce Constantine – President of Espro Press – “Arguably the first major breakthrough in coffee press design in over 30 years!”

Coffex Coffee Roasters are in complete agreement, because we trialled the Espro Press with some amazing results when it came to brewed coffee. The new design filters your coffee not once, but twice, revealing more flavour and with NO grit. The Espro Press is also made of stainless steel and its vessel is a vacuum insulated which holds in heat for hours and unlike traditional French Presses. And best of all it won’t break or shatter like glass!

Don’t just take our word for it. Try one now!

For a limited time offer, Coffex Coffee Roasters will include a FREE Brew Guide and a FREE 250g pack of our selected Single Origins coffee with every purchase!



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