Curtis Gold Cup Brewer

Curtis Gold Cup Brewer
Curtis Gold Cup Brewer
Curtis Gold Cup Brewer
Curtis Gold Cup Brewer

The Curtis Single Cup Brewer. Precision Control Yields Hand-Crafted Flavour.

Brewing to the SCAA's Golden Cup standards, the Curtis Gold Cup Brewer gives operators precise control over crucial variables such as time, temperature and contact time that results in brewing a true SCAA standard, Golden Cup of Coffee.

Why is this so important? Coffee brewing has evolved from a "cup of joe" into an art form. Coffee enthusiasts continue to drive this rapidly growing business with more and more consumers appreciating and demanding unique blends, while exploring and appreciating the nuances and subtleties of individual roasts. The Curtis Gold Cup gives premium coffee the credibility it deserves and it gives consumers the ultimate coffee experience.

Key Features

  • G4: Generation 4 digital controls with an instinctive touch screen provide simple training, unmatched accuracy and seamless operation.
  • Twin Brewing Heads: Brew both sides simultaneously.
  • Siphon Technology: The brew cone’s patented design allows water to rise to the perfect level without exiting for ideal pre-infusion; stops immediately at end of brew.
  • Pre-Wet/Wash Filter: Streams hot water over paper filters to eliminate any undesirable paper taste prior to brewing.
  • USB Port: Firmware updates and custom recipes are easily imported and shared.
  • Reduce Waste: Thanks to single cup brewing, you no longer need to waste pots of coffee.
  • Hot Water Tap: Perfect for pre-heating cups or drawing hot water for tea and other beverages.

Dimensions & Weight

18,25"(H) x 13.25"(W) x 21.00"(D) | (46.6cm H x 33.6cm W x 53.3cm)

User Interface

Touch-screen user interface

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