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Saeco Lirika OCS

Saeco Lirika represents the simplicity, compactness and performance of a machine whose ideal environment is the office or small locations. It has a modern and essential design, high capacity  water and coffee canisters and is incredibly easy to use.

Its wide display showing intuitive icons and text messages lets the user select short or long coffees and hot water or steam delivered through an independent wand.

Lirika represents the best Saeco know-how in a high quality compact shape: pre-infusion system, energy efficiency class A boiler, ceramic blades, and removable coffee brewing unit (with aroma adjustment in the Plus version) to facilitate cleaning and maintenance operations.


  • 500gr Coffee Bean
  • 2.5l Water Capacity
  • 15 Coffee Grounds
  • 0.5l Drip Tray
  • One Touch Cappuccino
  • 2 Coffee Cups Simultaneously
  • Hot water dispenser (no steam)
  • Single Circuit
  • Integrated Pin-less wonder
  • Ceramic Blades 
  • Technical Specs & Manual 

  • Specification PDF


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    Saeco Lirika OCS

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