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Saeco Royal Pro OTC

It is a timeless icon. Introducing Royal Pro OTC.

This time, it's even more advanced and has high-end design. It is considered to be a great classic in the segment of OCS, because it is popular around the world, The new identity is strong, but also new.

The design is bold. An image with style. Components that are both professional and functional. With photo-realistic images displayed on an iconographic display and a capacitive interface. The machine's futuristic design allows selecting beverages easier. Performance and look of high technology. There is so much more to Royal. In addition, it is suitable for any workplace, from the most formal to the most informal.


  • 600gr Coffee Bean
  • 2.5l Water Capacity
  • 18 Coffee Ground
  • One Touch Cappuccino
  • 2 Coffee Cups Simultaneously
  • Hot water dispenser (no steam)
  • Conical Blades
  • Technical Specs & Manual 

  • Specification PDF


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    Saeco Royal Pro OTC

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