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Picking your coffee - flavours

Posted on February 18, 2016 by Ernest Tong

Understanding what you like and what to look for when selecting your favourite cup of coffee.

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1, 3, 7 - Trimethylxanthine

Posted on February 18, 2016 by Ernest Tong

Here at Coffex Coffee Roasters, we love the coffee roast as much as you do. Our morning rituals might be similar to yours without you even knowing it.

That morning cup of joe, the smell of freshly brewed coffee, the sound of milk frothing and the first sip of delicious dark decadent coffee. It's hypnotic properties boils down to one very important alkaloid.


Impressively, caffeine can transform from a solid to a gaseous phase without undergoing an intermediate phase (i.e. liquid) in a process called sublimation. *coffee chemistry

It's solubility in water is increased 30-fold in coffee brewing temperatures and thus it readily dissolves into solution. It is also possibly the sole reason why people choose to drink coffee over other numerous beverages. *coffee chemistry

These are just some of the amazing properties of this well known compound.

Here are some positives of consuming Caffeine


  1. Alertness/Wakefulness
    Achieved by blocking adenosine receptors in the brain
  1. Pain relief
    Caffeine reduces inflammation and helps to block the perception of pain in the brain.
  1. Endurance
    It is believed that caffeine has the ability to influence the way muscles utilize glycogen allowing them to function longer before fatigue sets in.
  1. Motivation / Productivity
    It increases dopamine levels, which produces positive state of mind.
  1. Neurological conditions
    It is believed that caffeine can help prevent or delay Alzheimers disease and Parkinson Disease as well as treat some types of hyperactivity disorder.
*Source from

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Coffex Coffee Roasters teams up with Porsche Australia

Posted on February 18, 2016 by Ernest Tong

Coffex Coffee Roasters revs it up as the official coffee sponsor for the Porsche Carrera Cup Australia 2015!

Coffex Coffee Roasters are proud to announce that we will be official coffee partner for the 2015 Porsche Carrera Cup Australia!

As part of the integral Carrera Cup experience, Coffex Coffee will be delivering a café-style coffee service within the Porsche Teams Lounge throughout the 2015 season¹.

Coffex is proud to continue its support of motorsport in Australia with our newest partner, Porsche Australia.

Coffex Coffee will be featured on every Porsche in the Carrera Cup field and branding will also be incorporated into the Porsche’s Team Lounge.

Coffex Coffee would like to wish a successful year ahead to Porsche Australia and good luck to all teams and drivers competing for the cup this year!

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Win VIP Tickets to the 2015 Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix!

Posted on February 18, 2016 by Ernest Tong


To celebrate Coffex Coffee Roaster's 4th year as the official coffee sponsor for the Australian Formula 1® Grand Prix, we are giving out 2 VIP passes for the main race on Sunday 15th of March 2015.

These VIP tickets are exclusive Renault Torque Bar tickets worth up to $700 each! An amazing experience awaits for the lucky winner and their partner!

Here are some of the features of the Renault Torque Bar:-


  • > Suite located in the heart of the action, on pit straight
  • > Premium all day grazing menu in an outdoor cocktail setting
  • > Selected premium wines, premium beers, soft drinks and espresso coffee
  • > Enhanced modern fit out, lounge style furniture with a social and vibrant ambiance
  • > Televisions showing all the racing action live on GPTV
  • > DJ’s performing throughout the day
  • > Official Renault Torque Bar ticket and lanyard each day
  • > Multi day tickets may be allocated to a different guest for each day of validity

    To enter yourself into the draw is just as easy as entering this code AUSGP2015 at checkout when purchasing your next Coffex Coffee. Simply purchase your favourite coffee and you will be prompted for the code during check out.

    Do not miss out on this amazing opportunity to be part of the Australian Formula 1® 2015 Grand Prix!

    Competition ends 2.00 PM AEDST on the 26th of February 2015. Prizes will be drawn at 4.00PM on the 26 of February 2015.

    *Terms and conditions apply

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    Merry Christmas! It is indeed the season to be jolly!

    Posted on February 18, 2016 by Ernest Tong

    Christmas is indeed the reason to be jolly!

    Season greetings to all of you! We would like to thank all our loyal customers who showed us tremendous support and loyalty throughout this year.

    It has definitely been a whirlwind year for us here at Coffex Coffee Roasters. Let’s have great recap of what the year has been for us.

    • Sustainability Launch

    At the start of the year, Coffex Coffee roasters proudly supported and participated in our 5th Sustainable Living Festival. Held annually in Birrarung Marr by the Yarra, this event celebrates and promotes Sustainable Living to Australians

    During the very start of the event, Coffex Coffee Roasters launched its brand new website on Valentines Day 2014. It was with great satisfaction that we achieved this milestone after having worked on it for around 6 months. has been reincarnated to what you see today as our main portal into our world of coffee. Check our new online store and sign up to our e-Newsletter for great deals on all your coffee and tea.


    • Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix 2014

    Coffex Coffee Roasters were back again and proudly sponsoring our 3rd Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix in a row. The race-goers were streaming in and the cars were furious on track, but Coffex Coffee remained calm and served up caffeine all the way to pole position.


    • And then, there were MICE.

    After our successful show at last year’s MICE, where we had showcased our initial stages of Coffex Coffee’s re-branding, we arrived at this year’s MICE with an amazing transformation. Coffex Coffee Roasters was revealed and our slick new branding rolled into MICE.

    We received much praise for our new branding and packaging. Industry friends and show attendees were very supportive and showed us a lot of love during the MICE.


    During the exhibition, a specially selected single origin coffee from Tony Strickett, our R&D Manager, was roasted and served up to show attendees. Coffex Coffee’s first Panama Geisha from the Auromar Estate. It was a treat!


    On the technology front, after securing distribution rights with Curtis, Coffex Coffee Roasters showcased the Curtis Gold Cup brewer, a 1-touch fully automatic and programmable specialty coffee brewer.


    • Sydney experiencing The Coffee Experience

    Sydney hosted its first inaugural coffee exhibition show in the form of The Coffee Experience. Launched and hosted by the same people behind MICE, we treated our Sydney crowd of fans to some amazing coffee and technology.


    A brilliant roast of Kenya Mugaya AA and Rwanda Mbilima were on show at the stand as well as the Curtis Gold Cup brewer.


    Tony our head of R&D also gave a ‘Technology Presentation’ at the show, highlighting the benefits and ease of use of the Gold Cup brewer.


    • MotoGP beckons in Phillip Island

    As synonymous as we are with motor sports, Coffex Coffee Roasters proudly sponsored its 4th Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix in its home of Phillip Island.


    Coffex Coffee’s flagship Superbar made its presence known by being the official coffee for this event.

    As we approach Christmas, a reflection of what we’ve done throughout the year certainly shows that we have not been idle in this ever growing and evolving industry. Coffex Coffee Roasters will continue to push the boundaries of innovation and perfect our art of roasting the perfect bean better.


    Here’s to you, our loyal and supportive customers - Merry Christmas, Season Greetings and a Happy New year!


    PS: Here's a special for Christmas!

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    Where does Coffex Coffee Roasters source their coffee beans?

    Posted on February 18, 2016 by Ernest Tong

    Coffex Coffee Roasters source their coffee beans from all of the major coffee growing regions around the world. Each of our classic blends; Superbar, Supremo, Scurro, Mokka and Classico are sourced from the same (or similar) regions depending on seasonal availability. We also source direct from coffee farms to get micro lots of specialty coffee for our seasonal specialty blends and single origin coffee.

    So where is coffee grown?

    From humble origins in Africa, coffee cultivation migrated around the world, forming a belt roughly bounded by the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. Growing regions typically offer moderate sunshine and rain, steady temperatures around 20ºC, and rich, porous soil. Terrior (soil) has a big impact on the flavours from beans around the world. Here is a very brief overview of the typical flavours from some of our favourite regions:

    Central America

    • We can expect cup qualities from this region to contain varying amounts of acidity (more applely and malic in Guatemala; cherry-like from Mexico) and a smooth, sugar-browning sweetness that is sometimes soft like chocolate or buttery like flaky pastry crust.



    • Brazilian beans—especially those that are pulped natural or "Brazil natural"—have a pronounced peanut quality and heavy body that makes them common components in espresso blends. Chocolate and some spice is typical, and the coffees tend to linger a bit in the mouth, with a less clean aftertaste than other South American regions' stuff.



    • Naturally processed Ethiopian coffees often have a syrupy body that accompanies a densely sweet berry flavour, typically blueberry or strawberry. Washed coffees often express jasmine or lemongrass characteristics, and are lighter and drier on the palate.



    • Big, bold, and juicy, Kenyan coffees are a product of their variety. Much of the coffee is grown without shade. These elements (and others) marry to give Kenyan coffees a mouth-puckering savoury-sweet characteristic that sometimes manifests as a tomato-like acidity, other times a blackcurrant tartness.

      (Source: )

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      KeepCup Brew Now Available In Store

      Posted on February 18, 2016 by Ernest Tong

      Spring is here and colours are in abundance!

      With the new spring season gracing us with beautiful sunshine and the blooming of some auspices flowers, we've headed over to our friends at KeepCup to pick out some sweet nifty colours for you!
      This year we will be offering a limited range from KeepCup's Alchemy Brew Range.

      Here's a little back story on the KeepCup Brew range from KeepCup:-
      "KeepCup Brew and KeepCup Brew Limited Edition Cork are a design response to the premium specialty coffee consumer. Brew is an extension to its commuter range, a “to go” vessel that represents the highest aspirations for the liquid it contains. KeepCup Brew allows consumers to take the café experience with them. A vessel for people who are serious about their coffee ritual, as well as lovers of fine tea."

      We could not have possibly said it any better.

      Some neat little features which the KeepCup brew is spotting:-

      • Fully tempered soda lime glass.

      • Resistant to thermal and mechanical shock. It’s not unbreakable, but you’ll have fun trying.

      • Hard lid for ease of use and drinking pleasure.

      • The hard smooth surface of the lid and enlarged drinking hole allow you to fully experience the aroma and texture of your beverage. Greater angle in the lid for nose clearance and improved splash proof seal.

      • Same great recycling capacity as the original. Stays focused on use and reuse.

      • Plug covers mouthpiece when not in use, so only your lips touch the drinking surface.

      As with every product, the story of KeepCup is definitely a simple yet well thought out idea which began with answering a need in the cafe industry. As KeepCup puts it "there were too many disposable cups and existing reusables were too large to fit under the machines group heads or were at best utilitarian in appearance."

      According to Abigail Forsythe - KeepCup CEO, "Since 2009, we have bought 3.5 million KeepCups, diverting 3.5 billion disposable cups from landfill."
      That itself is an amazing feet towards a more sustainable future in this world we live in. KeepCup provides some awesome facts on their site here and they provide an Impact calculator.

      Here at Coffex Coffee Roasters, we are proud supporters of sustainability and offering KeepCups as part of our product offering fits perfectly inline with our current sustainable coffee initiatives.

      Global Cafe Direct - our 100% Fairtrade and Organic coffee, is our commitment to help promote sustainability and eco-friendliness to consumers in Australia. Our aim is to offer consumers a choice in their coffee, whereby purchasing our coffee (Fairtrade and Organic certified) could possibly help change the lives of farmers world wide and not to mention help educate them in more sustainable farming practice.

      Click here to check them out in-store.

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