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Where does Coffex Coffee Roasters source their coffee beans?

Posted on February 18, 2016 by Ernest Tong

Coffex Coffee Roasters source their coffee beans from all of the major coffee growing regions around the world. Each of our classic blends; Superbar, Supremo, Scurro, Mokka and Classico are sourced from the same (or similar) regions depending on seasonal availability. We also source direct from coffee farms to get micro lots of specialty coffee for our seasonal specialty blends and single origin coffee.

So where is coffee grown?

From humble origins in Africa, coffee cultivation migrated around the world, forming a belt roughly bounded by the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. Growing regions typically offer moderate sunshine and rain, steady temperatures around 20ºC, and rich, porous soil. Terrior (soil) has a big impact on the flavours from beans around the world. Here is a very brief overview of the typical flavours from some of our favourite regions:

Central America

  • We can expect cup qualities from this region to contain varying amounts of acidity (more applely and malic in Guatemala; cherry-like from Mexico) and a smooth, sugar-browning sweetness that is sometimes soft like chocolate or buttery like flaky pastry crust.



  • Brazilian beans—especially those that are pulped natural or "Brazil natural"—have a pronounced peanut quality and heavy body that makes them common components in espresso blends. Chocolate and some spice is typical, and the coffees tend to linger a bit in the mouth, with a less clean aftertaste than other South American regions' stuff.



  • Naturally processed Ethiopian coffees often have a syrupy body that accompanies a densely sweet berry flavour, typically blueberry or strawberry. Washed coffees often express jasmine or lemongrass characteristics, and are lighter and drier on the palate.



  • Big, bold, and juicy, Kenyan coffees are a product of their variety. Much of the coffee is grown without shade. These elements (and others) marry to give Kenyan coffees a mouth-puckering savoury-sweet characteristic that sometimes manifests as a tomato-like acidity, other times a blackcurrant tartness.

    (Source: )

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    The Espro Press

    Posted on February 18, 2016 by Ernest Tong

    We all remember the time when we first saw our very first French Press coffee maker. The thrill of its easy operation and the guaranteed perfect coffee – ironically, it was always guaranteed by every manufacturer – will always be etched in our minds. As this was, some would say, the ‘best’ way to make coffee at home bar the espresso machine, which would have cost you a bomb.

    As romantic as the French Press appears, we all know that even the best French Press coffee comes with a certain amount of grit and residue, adding a mostly unpleasant and unwelcome addition to your coffee. The traditional French Press always has the issue of not having a properly fitted filter, which sooner or later allows coffee particles to pass through filter and straight into your cup of coffee. In turn, frustrated owners have often ended up pushing it aside to make way for other devices, which promise an untainted coffee experience.

    Now you can get the best of both worlds – simple elegant operation AND no residue! Introducing the Espro Press. Now ladies and gentlemen, here’s the latest in French Press design.

    As said quite eloquently by Bruce Constantine – President of Espro Press – “Arguably the first major breakthrough in coffee press design in over 30 years!”

    Coffex Coffee Roasters are in complete agreement, because we trialled the Espro Press with some amazing results when it came to brewed coffee. The new design filters your coffee not once, but twice, revealing more flavour and with NO grit. The Espro Press is also made of stainless steel and its vessel is a vacuum insulated which holds in heat for hours and unlike traditional French Presses. And best of all it won’t break or shatter like glass!

    Don’t just take our word for it. Try one now!

    For a limited time offer, Coffex Coffee Roasters will include a FREE Brew Guide and a FREE 250g pack of our selected Single Origins coffee with every purchase!

    KeepCup Brew Now Available In Store

    Posted on February 18, 2016 by Ernest Tong

    Spring is here and colours are in abundance!

    With the new spring season gracing us with beautiful sunshine and the blooming of some auspices flowers, we've headed over to our friends at KeepCup to pick out some sweet nifty colours for you!
    This year we will be offering a limited range from KeepCup's Alchemy Brew Range.

    Here's a little back story on the KeepCup Brew range from KeepCup:-
    "KeepCup Brew and KeepCup Brew Limited Edition Cork are a design response to the premium specialty coffee consumer. Brew is an extension to its commuter range, a “to go” vessel that represents the highest aspirations for the liquid it contains. KeepCup Brew allows consumers to take the café experience with them. A vessel for people who are serious about their coffee ritual, as well as lovers of fine tea."

    We could not have possibly said it any better.

    Some neat little features which the KeepCup brew is spotting:-

    • Fully tempered soda lime glass.

    • Resistant to thermal and mechanical shock. It’s not unbreakable, but you’ll have fun trying.

    • Hard lid for ease of use and drinking pleasure.

    • The hard smooth surface of the lid and enlarged drinking hole allow you to fully experience the aroma and texture of your beverage. Greater angle in the lid for nose clearance and improved splash proof seal.

    • Same great recycling capacity as the original. Stays focused on use and reuse.

    • Plug covers mouthpiece when not in use, so only your lips touch the drinking surface.

    As with every product, the story of KeepCup is definitely a simple yet well thought out idea which began with answering a need in the cafe industry. As KeepCup puts it "there were too many disposable cups and existing reusables were too large to fit under the machines group heads or were at best utilitarian in appearance."

    According to Abigail Forsythe - KeepCup CEO, "Since 2009, we have bought 3.5 million KeepCups, diverting 3.5 billion disposable cups from landfill."
    That itself is an amazing feet towards a more sustainable future in this world we live in. KeepCup provides some awesome facts on their site here and they provide an Impact calculator.

    Here at Coffex Coffee Roasters, we are proud supporters of sustainability and offering KeepCups as part of our product offering fits perfectly inline with our current sustainable coffee initiatives.

    Global Cafe Direct - our 100% Fairtrade and Organic coffee, is our commitment to help promote sustainability and eco-friendliness to consumers in Australia. Our aim is to offer consumers a choice in their coffee, whereby purchasing our coffee (Fairtrade and Organic certified) could possibly help change the lives of farmers world wide and not to mention help educate them in more sustainable farming practice.

    Click here to check them out in-store.

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    Coffex Coffee Roasters at the Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix 2014

    Posted on February 18, 2016 by Ernest Tong

    For the fourth year in a row, Coffex Coffee Roasters are proud to continue their association with the Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix as one of the key sponsors and official Coffee Supplier of this world-class event.

    2014 marks a new beginning for Australia as a new Aussie motorcycling star, Jack Miller, is promoted to the MotoGP. Australians will have the opportunity to see this young gun rider race in the Moto3 class on Phillip Island before he gets his big start next year in the MotoGP class.

    The roar of the crowd is unmistakable as the elite motorcycle riders speed around the track at over 300 kilometres per hour. The fresh breeze and the crashing waves nearby add a serene element to the frenetic pace as Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix gears back up on Phillip Island.

    Every year, this beautiful Victorian island receives the holy pageantry of hosting this prestigious event. It is defined by the migrating flocks of devotees that eat, breathe and sweat Motor Racing in their veins. The scene of tens of thousands of fans gathering around the racing track has to be experienced first hand if you are a true racing fan.

    Set in at one of the world’s most famous racetracks, coupled with the one of the world’s most scenic island settings, all who attend are bound for a treat.

    All stores offering coffee will be stocked up with the freshest beans from Coffex Coffee and our flagship Superbar blend will be the blend of choice.

    So come on down to the Island and enjoy watching some of the most amazing motorcycle riders out there carve the corners of Phillip Island Race Course all while sipping on a delicious cup of Coffex Coffee.

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    Let's Keep The Coffee Fresh

    Posted on February 18, 2016 by Ernest Tong

    How long does coffee stay fresh after opening the packet?

    Here at Coffex Coffee Roasters we want you to enjoy your coffee and have the best experience with each and every cup. So here are some pointers on keeping your coffee fresh.

    Roasted coffee is a perishable product. There are four main enemies of roasted beans:

    1. Air
    2. Moisture
    3. Temperature
    4. Light

    These culprits are the biggest cause of stale, flavourless brew. We recommend storing your coffee beans (or ground coffee) in a clean, dry, airtight container in a nice cool and dark place. It is not recommended that you store you coffee in the refrigerator, because coffee tends to absorb flavours and moisture and the fridge is quite humid. Freezing coffee is not recommended as taking the coffee in and out of the freezer each time you brew will cause condensation and not allow for airtight storage.

    If you follow the above pointers then your coffee should last at least 10 days to a fortnight after opening. After this, the flavour will generally start to fade as the coffee releases gases and becomes stale.

    (source: BGA – Barista Guild Asia 2013)

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    The Coffee Experience 2014 Sydney

    Posted on February 18, 2016 by Ernest Tong

    Sydney has just recently held its inaugural Coffee Experience show in September and it was indeed a spectacle to behold.

    Over 50 exhibitors were at the show, including Coffex Coffee Roasters.

    The event was held at the Royal of Industries.

    Industry professionals and consumers alike were a buzz at the event with the large amounts of caffeine being served.

    Coffex Coffee Roasters were there to promote their brand new one touch single cup brewer:

    Curtis Gold Cup Brewer

    This USB programmable coffee brewer has all the intelligence of a barista built into the machine. The user can input a “coffee recipe” such as brewing times, temperature, even how to pre-wet the paper filter.

    Amazing stuff from Curtis Co. indeed.

    Also at the show were our brand new seasonal single origins, picked by Tony Strickett our head of Research & Development here at Coffex.

    The coffees that were on show are:

    Kenya ‘AA’ Mugaya from Kirinyaga

    This brilliant tasting coffee has a taste profile of:

    Bright and juicy acidity with a smooth body through to a cocoa and sweet malt finish

    It is now also available on our online store for purchase. For more info click here.

    Panama Boquete from Chiriqui

    From one of Panama’s most prized coffee processing farm come this amazingly complex and brilliant cup.

    A complex and intense cup with bright strawberry liqueur through to a syrupy body. Tangy pineapple acidity with a sweet malt finish.

    Let’s bring it back to some more technology at the stand. Also at the show we our brand new Fiorenzato F71ek and Fiorenzato F64EVO grinders.

    The ol’F7 and F6 now have upgraded titanium grinding blades, with the F71ek spotting a conical burr and the F6EVO with a flat burr.

    Both comes standard with on-demand touch screens.

    The F71ek boast a grind speed of 2.8 seconds for a 21g basket fill!

    To learn more about the grinders, do contact us by using our contact form here.

    All in all, it was a great event and Coffex Coffee Roasters would like to thank everyone who showed up to support us at our stand.


    Till the next show – Ciao!

    A new coffee addition to the Coffex Stable

    Posted on February 18, 2016 by Ernest Tong

    Accura! That’s our newest coffee blend, fresh from the roaster!

    It’s a delicious tasting coffee that appeals to a wide range of coffee lovers, whether you like it strong and black or sweet and milky – this versatile blend will definitely impress.

    Our Master Roasters worked tirelessly on the composition and roast profile to produce an amazing coffee that boasts a ...

    Sweet caramel and a gentle smoky flavour, finishing with a lingering aftertaste of bourbon whiskey.

    An interesting blend that will surely impress the taste buds

    We added a hint of Robusta into the mix, choosing the right one that compliments our blend to give it the distinctive smoky bourbon whiskey flavour.

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